Queens of Hearts

A documentary, 84 min / 58 min

Queen of Hearts is a documentary film about Lizette Risgaard, the first ever female President of The Danish Confederation of Trade Unions. A film about her long, hard way to the top and the power struggles and male chauvinism that she has had to overcome. But it is also a film about a woman, who has to save a sinking ship and give all of us something to believe in. Give all of us our values back.

Lizette Risgaard, 55 years old, is the first female chairman of the trade unions in Danish history, and as such she is in and off herself a sensation in the labour movement, which up until now has been male domain. But that in itself is not what makes her interesting. It’s what she wants to accomplish. It’s her heart and hunger. It’s something which has nothing to do with technicalities of employment or getting perks for herself. No, Lizette is a sensation, because she has a burning passion for the basic social liberal values that the labour movement was originally built on: community and solidarity. United we are strong. We need each other.

Louise Detlefsen, Mette-Ann Schepelern
Hansen & Pedersen / Malene Flindt-Pedersen (Tanska)
Filmimaa / Markku Tuurna