Juha Fiilin: Job Interview

Job Interview, a pilot for the TV-series Divine Consultants, was premiered in September, 2016.

In a world like hell, slum dweller Oogle gets a chance to talk to God, who seems to be on the brink of burn out.

Burning hot sunrise over an endless slum world. The slum is so polluted that there aren’t even enough rats to eat, yet Oogle wakes up in his cardboard shack full of positive energy. His partner Joy is full of anger, she blames God in his big tower for not caring. Oogle thinks that God might just need a little help. To Oogle’s surprise, he is given a sign to come to God’s tower for a job interview – with cosmic consequences.

Divine Consultants, the TV-series:

Who gets to decide what goes on in Heaven and Hell? Joy (19) wants desperately to find the truth about her parents death. She breaks into a multinational corporation to find evidence. While doing so, she accidentally kills Oogle, a white-collar opportunist, as well as herself. Together with Oogle, Joy ends up in a place that looks much like Heaven.  Afterlife is agent-like archangels and too-hot-to-be-true angels. Who is behind this macabre fantasy World? Will Joy find her parents here or in Hell? And could she somehow save the fate of all human souls?

Job Interview teaser:

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